Dragonfire Crusader Humbucker Pickup Set  Invader Type  Bridge & Neck  Black!


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         Dragonfire Black Crusader Pickups       



Brand New Dragonfire Crusaders

Some cool new sounds( and looks) here at Dragonfire!

Introducing the Crusaders!

"The Crusaders?" You ask, how in world did you come up with that? Well, we very well could not call them "Invaders" now could we????

Features include:

Matched Set of 2 (Bridge and Neck)

Great for Metal, Thrash, and Punk!

Wound around ceramic magnets to a ear piercing 16k on the bridge and 8K on the neck, they will definately cut through the mix!

 12 Black Hex Caps

The Crusaders are 4 wire, so you coil tap these monsters!

Our set comes with the following:

One Bridge Pickup

One Neck Pickup

4 Mounting Screws

4 Mounting Springs

Wiring Instructions are included.


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